h e l l o,   f r i e n d o

I'm an abstract artist based in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. I mainly work in acrylic, watercolor, and gouache paints, though I generally consider myself to be a mixed media artist. I use automatic drawing for most of my work to create strange shapes, and I tend to use the entire rainbow when painting. I use my experiences with schizophrenia to fuel my creativity. I hope to help create awareness and promote positivity in regards to mental health with my art.


I sell prints and originals, and I also offer commissions in the form of pet portrait sketches! You can either buy prints on Society6, Redbubble, or Threadless. I post almost constantly on Instagram, and several times a week on my Facebook Page.

I'm also on Patreon! If you like my art and wish to help support my art, please consider becoming a patron. You'll get access to WIP pics, process videos, and other things that I don't post anywhere else.  Thank you for your support!




"racing thoughts"
"racing thoughts"

wanna see more art?

Check out my gallery, where I've compiled all of what I consider to be my best pieces. I'm constantly updating my gallery page to incorporate my newer pieces so check back occasionally and see what's new.

wanna help support my art?

If you'd like to support my art, become a patron on my Patreon! You'll gain access to cool things like work-in-progress photos I don't post anywhere else, longer process videos, time lapses, and more. Rewards start as low as $1 a month.